Precautions for Using Juvederm Voluma

Precautions for Using Juvederm Voluma

The treatments as well as the doses of anything matter relatively and accordingly. The treatment procedure varies mostly but should be followed very well so that there are no side effects of the treatment done. This is why looking at the various dermal fillers that have evolved for the beauty world, also have precautions along with them so that there are no risks at all and people can enjoy their use very effectively and efficiently.

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This is the same reason why there are also some precautions that are necessary to be taken care of and kept in mind so that Juvederm Voluma can also be utilized in the best way possible. These precautions are given as follows :

  1. Any minimal strenuous exercise should be stopped and an extensive sun or heat exposure should be completely avoided within the first 24 hours of the treatment as this might cause temporary redness, itching or swelling at the place where the injection has been placed
  2. Your doctor should know if you are pregnant and are breastfeeding because these cases have yet not been studied regularly
  3. You should tell your doctor about your age because your age can affect the decision of the product you are using as the results for people under 35 years or over 65 years have not been known yet
  4. Your doctor should be well aware of the part of the cheek that you want to be treated while you should also know if you are treating any other area because they have been intended for that area only
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You should also look into these precautions:

  1. People who have a history of having excessive scars that are thick and hard to get rid of, should be told to the treating doctor because this can sometimes result in more scars in comparison
  2. Any pigmentation disorders should be known to the cosmetologist treating you because patients with such a history have yet not been studied well and the pigmentation could change too
  3. The body’s immune response system changes during this process, so you should know if you are getting any therapy related to the same while this might increase the rate of infection for you too.
  4. Medications or substances that can affect the blood like aspirin, ibuprofen etc., that decrease the blood thickness should be known completely to the doctor who is treating you because these substancesprolong bleeding and the injection can cause the prevailing bleeding to be prolonged or the bruising can also increase at the injection site.
  5. Patients should also know that those who suffer from skin injuries due to the injection can also be susceptible to higher adverse events risks because of the same.
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The above specified points are all different ways in which Juvederm Voluma can be used in the most effective way to yield the best possible results. Therefore, make sure that you keep in mind all the above mentioned points so that you have no risk while using Juvederm Voluma at all.

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