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Best Health Apps for Android and iOS in 2016

Best Health Apps for Android and iOS in 2016

Health has been an issue for too many in these days. Some are fat, some need health tips for diabetes tips daily and some want to reduce their cholesterol level. But who can be there to always give you free advice and tips? You can’t always have a doctor with you to accompany you. Don’t worry, you always have your smart phone with you or at-least you have your smart phone with you in majority of your time. Today we have some fascinating health apps that will make your life way easy for you.

Couch to 5K


If you want to balance your cholesterol level and reduce your fats in your body, then you need to run and need to run very hard. Couch to 5k helps you to learn from the beginning, like from where to start running etc. It contains a free eight week program that gives you three workouts per week that will make you much more fitter and thinner than before.

2. Blogilates


Cassey Ho is a popular youtube star and host videos on blogilates(a youtube channel). This app takes you to next level of entertainment and fitness. You get free access to all of her videos and also accessibility to her online forum and a workout calendar for every month.

3. Google Play

Google Play

Google Play is a free online music downloader app, it is not health related directly but it can help you while you are working out and making your muscles stronger. Just have a headphone, turn the music on and start working out.

4. Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

Running become more entertaining when you set a task to complete. Collecting equipments for your base camp and keeping your community safe from zombies. There is a big reason that this game has become a highest grossing health app on iTunes in just two weeks, even though it is a completely free app to download.

5. Fitnet


If you don’t have time to go to gym, the Fitnet is the best app for you. This app features some five to seven minutes workouts so you don’t need to give much time on your fitness and can enjoy time with your friends and easily achive fitness goals. You can also use your mobile camera for a special kind of selfie that this app allows you to capture. This helps to messure your improvement.

6. Sworkit


Sworkit allows you to do any type of workout that you want to do, including strength, streching or yoga. The amount of time you have got from five minutes to an hour, the app delivers the moves that you want to follow.

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